Cuba: Artist El Sexto violently arrested over Castro-related graffiti

7 December 2016

Cuban artist Danilo “El Sexto” Maldonado was violently arrested by state security forces at his apartment in capital Havana, on 26 November 2016, hours after he took to the streets, upon the official announcement of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro’s death, and painted graffiti around the city stating “se fue”(he’s …

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Cuba: Artists and activists detained for eight hours

22 March 2016

During the American president’s visit to the country, Cuba has seen a crack-down on the opposition and activists. Two artists, rock musician Gorki and visual street artist El Sexto, were arrested on 20 March 2016 along with several other demonstrators from Damas de Blanco – the Ladies in White – during a …

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Cuba: Gorki Águila arrested again

16 November 2015

Cuban musician Gorki Águila was arrested on 7 November 2015 in Havana, as he was traveling in a car with two journalists from the television channel France24, reported 14ymedio. The composer and singer managed to call the newspaper from the Fifth Police Station in the Playa municipality, where he was …

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Cuba: Graffiti artist released from prison after 10 months

21 October 2015

The Cuban artist El Sexto (real name: Danilo Maldonado) was freed from prison in the morning on 20 October 2015. Despite having resumed a hunger strike four days earlier, he said he was in good health. El Sexto was freed after having been held 10 months behind bars without charges, …

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Cuba: Repression and resistance – story of ‘The Sixth Prisoner’

7 October 2015

Danilo Maldonado, the Cuban graffiti artist commonly known as ‘El Sexto’, is fighting imprisonment with paper. Since December 2014, repression of artists in Cuba has increased significantly. Despite warming relations with the United States. By Pamela Kalkman The drawing below shows a man who, even with a pig’s nose, a …

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Cuba: Imprisoned artist El Sexto on hunger strike

28 August 2015

Freemuse calls for the release of imprisoned Cuban artists The Cuban graffiti artist and activist Danilo Maldonado Machado, best known as El Sexto, who has been arbitrarily imprisoned for eight months in the Valle Grande prison, located west of Havana, has initiated a hunger strike, according to El Nuevo Harald …

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