United Kingdom: University cancels musical due to race row

12 October 2016

A theatre at the University of Bristol cancelled all showings of its student production of musical ‘Aida’ due to protests over potential “cultural appropriation” that white students would be cast in the lead roles of ancient Egyptians and slaves, reported The Telegraph on 4 October 2016. The musical, written by …

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United Kingdom: Woman’s right to read violated

18 August 2016

British woman Faizah Shaheen, who was returning home with her husband after their honeymoon in Turkey, was detained by South Yorkshire police at Doncaster Airport on 25 July 2016 after Thomson Airways cabin crew members had reported her of “suspicious behaviour” for reading a book on Syrian culture, reported The …

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United Kingdom: Guides to legal framework of artistic expression

20 November 2015

The British freedom of expression campaigners Index on Censorship have published a series of law packs addressing questions about legal limits related to free expression and the arts. “Freedom of expression is essential to the arts. But the laws and practices that protect and nurture free expression are often poorly …

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United Kingdom: Film on Mali music ban leads to new fund

20 November 2015

Freedom of expression campaigners Index on Censorship and the producers of the documentary film ‘They Will Have To Kill Us First: Malian Music In Exile’ have launched a Music In Exile Fund along with a song playlist and a series of articles about music and censorship. The aim of the …

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United Kingdom: Painting sparks controversy in Northern Ireland

13 November 2015

A painting in an exhibition at the Ulster Museum has drawn ire by the Orange Order, an international Protestant organisation based primarily in Northern Ireland, because they say members of their group are depicted wearing Ku Klux Klan garb, the British newspaper The Independent reported. The group lodged their complaint …

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United Kingdom: Play cancellation sparks censorship row

14 October 2015

An independent girls’ school in Ipswich has ignited a censorship row after it pulled a Rebecca Lenkiewicz play scheduled for 13 October 2015 due to “grave reservations” over its portrayal of child sex abuse. Censorship campaigners claim the move is part of worrying trend among schools and other education bodies …

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United Kingdom: Artwork removed from free speech exhibition

28 September 2015

In September 2015, ‘Isis Threaten Sylvania’, a series of seven satirical light box tableaux by the London-based artist Mimsy, was removed from the ‘Passion for Freedom’ exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London after police raised concerns about the “potentially inflammatory content” of the work. The decision to remove the work from …

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