Greece: Artistic freedom at stake

14 September 2016

Censorship incidents and controversies over artworks have multiplied over the last few years in Greece, particularly since the crisis hit the country in 2008. At the same time, legal controversies over blasphemous and obscene publications continue while hate crimes are on the rise, as exemplified by the murder of young …

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Greece: Political play shut down due to threats

3 February 2016

A play revolving around the Greek 17 November urban guerrilla group entitled ‘Nash’s Balance’ was shut down four days early due to threats to actors and theatregoers, reported Reuters. According to the director Pigi Dimitrakopoulou, the political play was “inspired by literary and historical texts, the minutes of the 17 …

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Greece: Rapper murdered

19 September 2013

On the night of 17 September 2013 approximately 25 Golden Dawn neo-nazis murdered the 34-year-old rapper Pavlos Fissas, known as ‘Killah P’, in Keratsini, a working class neighborhood in Piraeus, Athens. » Information can be found in @antireport, #antireport, #KillahP » This is one of his songs on, …

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Greece: Passion play cancelled after violent protests

30 October 2012

The American passion play ‘Corpus Christi’ was planned to be staged in Athens, Greece, in October 2012. However, the premiere was cancelled after right-wing organisations, including the Greek Nationalist parliamentary party Golden Dawn, violently protested against the play.   Playwright Terrence McNally wrote the play in 1997, and he received …

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1950-2000 Europe, Russia

1 January 2001

1967. United Kingdom. Scott Walker Scott Walker’s cover of Jacques Brel’s song ‘Jacky’ is the first record to be banned by BBC Radio 1. 1967. Greece. Mikis Theodorakis The 1967 military coup in Greece led to the imprisonment and torture of internationally known singer Mikis Theodorakis. Eventually he was released …

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…-1699 Europe, Russia

1 January 2001

375 B.C.   Greece The first significant written account of a proposal to censor music is found in Plato’s ‘Republic’, written in roughly 375 B.C. In one of the most famous passages of ancient literature to deal with music, we find Socrates, Plato’s mentor and mouthpiece, engaged in a dialogue …

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