Russia: Court bans music and artwork of American metal band

8 December 2014


A Russian court ruled that translations of the American death metal band Cannibal Corpse’s lyrics and artwork should be banned because they “could damage the mental health of children”

On 28 November 2014, Ufa’s Oktyabrsky district court approved prosecutors’ requests that Cannibal Corpse’s album artwork and any Russian translations of their lyrics be banned from distribution across the country, according to news agency RIA Novosti.

To explain the ruling, officials cited the songs’ “descriptions of violence, the physical and mental abuse of people and animals, murder and suicide”.

Cannibal Corpse is one of the first brutal death metal bands. Their album covers and lyrics depict death, violence, rape, perversion, necrophilia, horror movies, zombies and cannibalism. The musicians insist that their work is just art.

» – 28 November 2014:
Суд в Башкирии признал тексты песен Cannibal Corpsе запрещенными в РФ
(‘Court in Bashkiria rules Cannibal Corpse lyrics prohibited in Russia’)

Russian Legal Information Agency – 28 November 2014:
Cannibal Corpse songs banned in Russia

» The Guardian – 2 December 2014:
Russian court bans music and artwork of Cannibal Corpse
Court rules that translations of death metal band’s lyrics ‘could damage the mental health of children’, according to local news agency

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