Iran: Theatre performance permission denied, theatre-goers allegedly harassed

30 July 2012

Teheran police have been surrounding theatre halls in large numbers, allegedly in an attempt to make attending these venues uncomfortable for theatre-goers, reported the web site

Iranian stage actor Reza Behboudi said in an interview with the Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA): “The large number of police patrolling the theatre halls does not help foster a lively cultural environment; on the contrary, it has many negative effects.”

The new council of the City Theatre, the main theatre in Tehran, denied performance permission for the play ‘Viraan’ (‘Destroyed’), which had won the Special View Prize at Iran’s Fajr International Theatre Festival 2012. According to reports, City Theatre’s previous council had approved the play for public performance.

The play’s director, Yousef Bapiri, said he had never received a clear explanation for this refusal and, since the previous council had approved the play, other theatres were interested in producing ‘Viraan’. – 8 July 2012:

Small Media at – July 2012:
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