Iran: Female musicians banned from stage in Isfahan

12 June 2014

Female musicians are not allowed to go onstage and give live performances in Isfahan.


Mohammad Qotbi, the head of the Isfahan Culture and Guidance administration and also a member of the clergy, compared music bands to the national football team, saying that just as there are substitutes for players on the football team, music groups should also have substitutes for their females players.

Payvand Iran News wrote that this is an instance of how the decentralization of censorship is unleashing a wider scope of censorship in Iran.

On 27 May 2014, Alireza Qorbani gave a performance together with the Eshtiyaq music group at Kosar Hall in Isfahan. The concert, which coincided with the Isfahan Music Festival, was delayed for 50 minutes by Isfahan Culture and Guidance officials, who had stopped the female musicians from going on stage.

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