Freemuse condemns arrest of Morocco’s ‘musical reporter’

27 May 2014

Freemuse condemns the arbitrary arrest of artist and human rights activist Mouad Belghouat, alias El Haqed (The Indignant) also known as L7a9ed on Sunday 18 May 2014 – for the third time in three years.

El Haqed
El Haqed

“Morocco should live up to international conventions guaranteeing free speech,” says Freemuse Director Ole Reitov.

El Haqed has earlier been targeted for his political views and his participation in Morocco’s February 20th movement.

What began as a group of Moroccans expressing their frustration with the status quo grew to a nationwide movement that demanded change in Morocco.

“El Haqed – like his colleagues in Tunisia – is a ‘musical reporter’, who reports from the streets and expresses many people’s frustrations. That truth is seemingly too ugly for the Moroccon government,” says Ole Reitov.

In a letter to the government, Freemuse reminds the authorities of the recommendations of the Rabat Plan to use a six-part threshold test for those expressions that are criminally prohibited, implying an analysis of the context, speaker, content or form – which implicitly also refers to “the form of art”, extent of the speech, and likelihood, including imminence.

Freemuse appeals to the Morrocan authorities to release the artist immediately.

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Music video: ‘Walou’

Published on on 28 March 2014

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