Cuba: Gorki Águila arrested again

16 November 2015


Cuban musician Gorki Águila was arrested on 7 November 2015 in Havana, as he was traveling in a car with two journalists from the television channel France24, reported 14ymedio. The composer and singer managed to call the newspaper from the Fifth Police Station in the Playa municipality, where he was taken with the two reporters.

Águila, leader of the punk rock band Porno Para Ricardo, did not know why he had been arrested, and when talking with 14ymedio, the police still had not informed him whether he would remain in a cell in the station, or be fined or prosecuted.

In August 2014, Águila was detained for several hours in the same station, where he was warned that if he continued his activism, then “those who invite you to visit another country will have to come looking for you in a boat.”

In May 2015, a similar incident occurred when Águila was forcibly detained outside the Museum of Fine Arts in Havana for carrying a poster with the image of the graffiti artist El Sexto along with the word ‘Freedom’.

Gorki Luis Águila Carrasco has been arrested numerous times by the Cuban authorities. Freemuse campaigned for his release between 2003-05 when he spent two years in prison.

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