China: Popular Tibetan singer arrested after packed concert

29 May 2014

Chinese authorities in Khyungchu County have arrested the popular Tibetan singer Gepey following a packed concert participated by several other singers from various parts of Tibet on 24 May 2014, reported


Gepey was arrested by Barkham County Public Security Bureau after a concert that was attended by thousands of fans and music enthusiasts. A group of Tibetan youngsters from Khyungchu County had organised the concert. They had invited various singers among which Gepey was the most popular on the concert day. He has a huge fan following in Tibet and the diaspora.

The concert was organised with the objectives of creating awareness among the Tibetan youth about the importance of the Tibetan language and its culture.

Following the concert, Chinese officers from Barkham County arrived at the concert venue and took Gepey away without citing any reasons for his arrest. There is no information about his condition and whereabouts.

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