China: Danish singer banned by censorship authorities

2 August 2012
The Danish singer and rapper Linkoban, known as Ling Ly in China, performed twice in Beijing in July 2012, despite the fact that she had been banned by the Chinese censorship authorities.

Linkoban and her crew of dancers had to make a number of last-minute changes on their China tour after the Chinese authorities imposed a ban on the singer’s performances in Beijing. The artist’s new EP had also been blacklisted.

Linkoban was invited to play at the InMusic festival in China, but had shortly before told that her songs could not be approved by the Chinese censorship.

Only one sang approved
“Linkoban had sent five songs and lyrics for review at the Chinese Ministry of Culture. We were then told that only one out of five songs was approved by the Ministry. Without further explanation,” Linkoban’s manager Kettil Myrstrand told the Danish newspaper Politiken.

The festival then tried to organise a ‘pirate concert’ with the Danish — and actually half Chinese — singer, but the Chinese authorities managed to put a stop to that as well, told the manager.

Linkoban instead performed two illegal concerts at two different nightclubs in Beijing.

“I hope it will be possible, with or without the government seal of approval, to come back and do more shows,” Linkoban was quoted as saying.




Politiken – 31 July 2012 (in Danish language):

‘Dansk sangerinde spiller ulovligt i Kina’

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